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Customs Agency

Navifreight offers the Comprehensive Customs Agency Service, for both Import and Export cargo.

We have a Team of specialists in the field with more than 30 years of experience, in Liquidations, Classification, Dispatch, Legal Advice, Transportation and Local Logistics.


Custom-made offices

We handle professionally all Customs Regimes without exception, from Temporary, Suspensive and Perfecting Regimes.

Despachos Urgentes, SADA (Advance dispatches)

Re-shipments, Loads in Transit

We have Technical Advice at no cost.


Local and National Transportation

We have 3 axle container units, low bed trucks, trucks for loose cargo, 2 ton, 3 ton, 8 ton, 10 ton, trucks for refrigerated cargo.

All our fleets have GPS satellite tracking, with real-time route visualization.

We reached Lima and all of Peru


Warehouses, Customs Warehouse, Temporary Warehouse, Local Distribution.

Navifreight has first-rate strategic partnerships with the main local and national Warehouses and Customs Warehouses, which allow us to offer our clients the best alternatives for the Simple Storage, Temporary Warehouse, Customs Warehouse, Distribution and local logistics services, among others. services.

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